Visual Stress

Peter Smith Opticians is a well-established practice and offers a broad vision care service to the local community. We have now incorporated into our practice the Coloured Overlay assessment and Intuitive Colorimeter; an instrument designed to identify the optimum coloured lenses required by some individuals who suffer from photosensitive problems, known scientifically as Visual Stress.

This condition is the cause of some cases of migraine and is very often the underlying reason why some individuals struggle to read. Such individuals are often wrongly labelled as ‘dyslexic’. Dyslexia is an umbrella term for many sensory problems which affect learning. Visual Stress is NOT dyslexia but its symptoms are often confused with dyslexia as they result in poor reading.

What are the symptoms of Visual Stress?

People with the Visual Stress may complain of all or some of the following, especially after reading for prolonged periods:

  • glare from the page
  • headaches when reading
  • eyestrain
  • movement or blurring of print
  • complains of feeling tired

What are the signs of Visual Stress?

People with Visual Stress may show all or some of the following:

  • Rubs eyes frequently
  • Red, sore or watery eyes whilst reading
  • Excessive blinking
  • Poor concentration
  • Hesitant and inefficient reading
  • Skips words and lines
  • Yawns good deal and ceases to read because of tiredness
  • frequently looks away from the page or turns the book around.

Sometimes the problem of Visual Stress may run concurrently with other specific learning difficulties, but when visual stress is identified and treated then any remaining difficulties associated with learning are easier to deal with.

For more information or to arrange the colour overlay assessment or the Intuitive Colorimeter assessment please call us on 01386 553 922.