Premier Eye Care Plan

Having regular eye examinations is crucial in protecting your eyesight and the sight of your loved ones.  To offer our customers the very best in eye care, we are pleased to introduce our new membership plans.

For small monthly fees, members can benefit from our fully comprehensive examinations and receive unlimited discounts off spectacle purchases.

All contact lens direct debit members are automatically enrolled onto our Contact Lens Scheme Plan and can upgrade to the Premier Eyecare Plan by paying an additional £5 per month.

 Contact Lens Plan
£5 per month
Premier Eyecare Plan
£10 per month
NHS Sight test
General Eye ExaminationX
Under 40 Eye ExaminationX
Retinal PhotographyX
Eye pressure checks between routine testsX
OCT Eye imaging
Full set of 4 scans
Single set of scans

Contact lens Assessment
Complex Contact Lens Assessment
Contact lens Aftercare
Free trials with new contact lenses
Eye lash removal
Discounts on spectacles10%20%
Discounts on sunglasses10%20%
Discounts on accessories10%10%

Terms and conditions

All practice membership payments to be made by direct debit.

The minimum contract term is twelve months. After this period the contract becomes a rolling contract and can then be terminated with a one month notice period.

Only services provided by Peter Smith Opticians are covered, eye care provided by external providers does not qualify.

The plans are specific to each individual patient and the benefits are not transferable.

Peter Smith Opticians reserves the right to change both the scheme prices and their associated benefits. All changes to these terms and conditions will be advised in writing.